Currently living in Nashville, TN, Kat Hunter has just self-released her second album, Rhythm. She will be traveling throughout the South East this summer and fall to promote the new release and gather new fans along the way. If you are searching to hear some country with soul, you can find it here. These are a few of the early reviews from fans about the Rhythm record:

“Kat, I finally put my finger on what I love about your voice…Modern Day Janis Joplin! Your soul radiates through your voice!!! Excellent!”

“This album will be on repeat in my car for the foreseeable future. Whiskey & Rye is one of my favorites, but I love every song. Nicely done.”

“Janice Joplin meets Miranda Lambert meets Robert Johnson. Haunting and almost eerie, the familiarity. Draws you in and makes you want more! She’s such a tease giving us only 9 tracks. Killer album!!! Already excited about the next one!”


Kat was a multi-sport athlete throughout high school and college, but her passion for music and her desire to plant her feet in Nashville brought her to Music City from her hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama in the spring of 2001. Various employments selling everything from cowboy boots to coffee beans satisfied her practical side, but she knew that her artistic and creative side needed more attention.

After taking a short break from performing and considering the normal life of a nine to five gig, Kat came to this realization:

“I had three choices. I could head to the mall and buy business attire for my new office job. I hate dress pants and shoes. I could take out a student loan and go get another degree. I love learning but have absolutely no desire to step foot on a college campus again. Or, I could take some time and money and invest in my music. I chose option three.

Throughout Kat’s tenure in Nashville, she has met some wonderfully talented producers, musicians, promoters and publishers. She made a few phone calls and created a plan to self-release her own album, Rhythm. “I’m really proud of this project. I’m proud of myself for taking the chance and I’m proud to have met so many great folks along the way. The response has been outstanding and I’m ready to push the gas.”

Kat notes her songwriting influences to the styles of Kris Kristofferson, Lucinda Williams and Hank Williams Jr. Vocally she will claim there are too many to name. “Let me see…I currently have Tina Turner, The Band of Heathens and Shovels and Rope in heavy rotation. Current hits on the radio aren’t really blowin’ my skirt up right now so I pay monthly to dial up whomever I want.” Creating a signature sound is going to be a great task for a singer who truly can do many genres well, but that’s the next step on her career path as she sets out on the road this year. “Music has been and will always be a central part in my life. I just want to be able to share and express my self through music and make a living at it. Right now I’m playing for beer. So, hey, the more I drink…the more I make!”

With Kat’s undeniable self-determination and the support of current and soon-to-be fans, the music scene in Nashville promises to be a little more interesting!